Springfield Smoke Free Dining Ordinance                          

Please show your support for the upcoming Springfield Smoke Free Dining Ordinance.  The most important step you can make is writing a letter or making a phone call to a city council member(s). They are the deciding factor for this issue.

Here are the facts....

·          Of the 428 Springfield restaurants surveyed by the Springfield-Greene Co. Health Dept., 310 or 72.4% say they support the ordinance.

·          A poll in the Springfield News-Leader revealed that 66% of citizens support the ordinance.

·          Applebee's (Primrose) - 5% increase in revenue since going smoke free Sept. 2002.

·          Those places that derive 60% or greater annual gross receipts from alcohol would be exempt.

·          Restaurants that do not meet the 60% alcohol sales provision could allow smoking in the bar area of the restaurant if the bar area is separate from the dining and food preparation area, enclosed floor to ceiling and served by an independent air handling system.

Please write a short letter or call any of the members listed below. Tell them why you support the smoke free dining ordinance. They will not know how you feel unless you tell them! (Mailing address listed at the bottom).

Mayor - Thomas J. Carlson (term expires in 2003)

* Please note: For faxes that need to be distributed to all of members of the City Council only one copy of the document need be faxed with a note that specifies that the document should be distributed to all of council.

The Mayor and Council members may be contacted through the office of the City Clerk, 840 Boonville, Springfield, MO 65802, the City Council office - FAX - 864-1649. There are also direct FAX number above.

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