The Missouri Partnership on Smoking or Health (MPSH) is an advocacy coalition that works with various groups and organizations on policy initiatives to reduce tobacco use in our state.

MPSH provides assistance to communities wanting to become smokefree, working to reduce youth addiction to tobacco by making it hard for youth to purchase tobacco products, restricting tobacco advertising, and increasing tobacco taxes. MPSH also keeps a constant vigil on state legislation that would take away the ability of communities to pass local policies, known as preemption.

  Helping Communities Become Smokefree
Crafting Policies to Prevent Youth Addiction to Tobacco
Fighting Preemption
Reducing Tobacco Use Through Increased Excise Taxes
Increasing Coverage of Tobacco Cessation by Insurance Companies
Funding a Comprehensive Tobacco Use Prevention Program in Missouri

Smokers that want to quit need assistance through various cessation aids and classes. MPSH is working with insurance companies to try to ensure that they provide coverage for tobacco cessation products and classes. A Comprehensive Tobacco Use Prevention (CTUP) Program is needed in Missouri, yet the legislature has not dedicated the $33 million annually recommended Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for an effective tobacco use prevention program. MPSH strives to educate legislators about the need for this funding. To find out more on these issues, see the links above.


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